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LulzSec hacker faces 30 years to life

Tuesday November 27, 2012

Jeremy Hammond is 27 years old, was denied bail, and faces 30 years to life.

That’s 30 years to life for 3 charges related to hacking a computer network.

To put that into perspective, “25 to life" is also known as an "indeterminate life sentence."  As in, "you murdered someone, but we’re not giving you life without parole.

If you murdered someone, you can check back with the courts and maybe get your freedom in 25 years.  This guy would have to wait 30.

In reading the attached court filing, it doesn’t seem to indicated that the 30 years to life is due to the nature of the data he allegedly stole, or something that would amplify the charge. 

He’s charged with:

Charge 1 - "conspiring" to do damage to or otherwise cost the company $5,000 or more in total during a given year.

Charge 2 - damaging or otherwise costing the company $5,000 or more during the course of a year.

Charge 3 - stealing or obtaining “a thing of value” worth $1,000 or more in total during the course of a year.

And the company gets to define the value.

The topper for me, beyond how outlandishly disproportionate the potential punishment is to these crimes, is the fact that the Judge’s husband is a client of Stratfor’s and thereby, in theory, a victim.

But Mr. Hammond is being held without bail and is now on a terrorist watch list.  And she’s still trying the case.

This is fucking insane.


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